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products and target audience代寫

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  • Introduction
    This essay will illustrate the products and target audience, providing a brief customer profile to list some characteristics. Besides, some requirements to advertising and legal problems need to be discussed. In addition, the steps and considerations of making schedule are necessary to be explained to team partner and confirm the correct information. Finally, it will recommend some suggestions such as rationales, effectiveness and pay per click to clients.
    Overview of advertisement and target audience
    The advertisement is made for Woolworths’s new image for society. Everyone need to purchase products in the daily life, the products of our shop contain almost all necessities that are demanded. As a result, our shop focuses on all residents especially for those who have the sense of responsibility and would like to help others who are in trouble globally. Besides, due to the facts that the supermarket create warm feelings to customers and makes them feel it just like second home to them, people getting access to our shop could be more comfortable and free from the pressure of work and then enjoy themselves with their family. In addition, our aim is to provide the freshest food than other market (Woolworths, 2012). As a result, people would prefer purchasing products that are beneficial to their health.
    Media audiences
    According to the research, there are two types of media would be chosen as channels to show the advertisement and attract their attention (Audience Media, 2012). Firstly, advertising would be broadcasted on television, it is assume that family members get together to watch TV and get relaxed, they would be attracted by the idea of our shop because of having the concept of belonging and responsibility. Secondly, online information cannot be ignored provided that it has become more popular around the world (Liebes, &Curran, 2012). Therefore, it is necessary to appeal some potential customers. The pop-up information would make them pay more attention on it when they surf on the internet. In comparison with the past performance, some media vehicle should be changed and updated, it is necessary to choose some vehicles that are widely followed and are easier to get access.
    Media merchandising requirement
    There are some requirements that should be considered, firstly, it is necessary to make our information in advertisement become real, legal and is correspondent with the purpose of our shop. Besides, avoiding false content and misleading customers are significant to be considered. In addition, quality of products should be carefully illustrated in the advertisement and is related to the health of human beings.
    Test media vehicles
    It is significant to do some marketing researches to investigate whether these vehicles are followed by people. Firstly, as for television advertisement, the audience rating is regarded as an indicator to evaluate the degree of popularity. Moreover, in terms of online information, company should get access to the information such as clicking rate, and compare with other advertisings to show whether our information is popular to the public.
    Media budget
    During the process of make budget for media, it is necessary to communicate with staff in television station and administrative staff of website. After negotiating the price of Media, the advertising company should be selected for create the advertisement for our shop. Some expenditure need to paid such as salary of staff in advertising company, researching and developing expense and some administrating expense.
    Legal and voluntary constraints
    There are some constraints in term of media, firstly, the pop-up advertisement sometimes might interfere users when they surf the internet, which would make them create aversion during the process and finally decrease the effect of broadcasting advertisement (Pearson, 2012). Besides, As for Television advertisement, some certificates are important such as license and tax registration. The disqualification of advertisement cannot be broadcasted on TV.
    Media schedule
    Before developing the media schedule, there are some factors needs to be considered. Firstly timeframes is necessary to negotiate with relevant departments such as staff of television station and website administrators. Firstly an advertising company would be selected with almost 15 days, and then, after communicating with the company for some basic information of our shop and the aim or purpose to achieve, there will be approximately 1 month for staff in advertising company to design. Finally, media would be optioned and managers should make negotiations with some problems like price, timing and feedback. This schedule is satisfied by team partner and there are some considerations such as more detail information should be illustrated, for example, the time of purchasing materials, doing market research and finishing task by computer engineers.
    Continuous improvement
    The media plan is based on the principle that achieves the company’s wealth maximization. The advertising created is focusing on the charity, it is necessary to broadcast our new idea and encourage more customers to follow it and contribute to the society and customers. Besides, it has been decided that the pay per click is about 5 cents, with the increasing numbers of click. The pay per click would rise to $1 with more than 100,000 people. In addition, as for the effectiveness of the media plan, customers or people who look at the advertising would voluntarily give feedback as for any problem discovered. According to these suggestions, company should hold some meeting to discuss together and take measure to solve the problem.
    In sum up, this essay explains the target audiences in customer profile to list some characteristics. Besides, some problems as for budget have been to be discussed. In addition, the schedule is satisfied by others and shows more process when dealing with raw materials. Finally, suggestions are recommended such as rationales, pay per click to clients and the measures to test the effectiveness.

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