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illustrate 代寫 of the company

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  • Introduction
    Nowadays, it is essence to illustrate the information of the company. As a result, it is emphasized that the easier channels that could get information from, the more customers would be attracted. Advertisement is an effective way to show the content of the company. This essay will firstly discuss the advertising campaign. Following this, it will explain the advertising objectives and target markets. Then, it will illustrate the market and brand performance. Besides, previous advertisement is used to compare some key points of difference. In addition, brand character, image, positioning and Key benefits. Finally, it will look at budget, timing and how to measure it.
    The advertising campaign
    The advertising campaign was designed for Woolworths. Apart from the previous ads, this advertising focuses more on the Corporate Society Responsibility. At the beginning of the advertisement, some situations in poor areas would be shown to the public and some children are homeless and suffer from the disaster and some of them even have no parents. In order to help some people who are in trouble, it is necessary to donate money to these areas, as a result, $0.1 would be donated to the disaster areas for every goods sold.
    Advertising/Creative objectives
    The objective of the advertising is to provide some chances to the public to help people who suffer from poverty and disasters. It is necessary to focus more on the society responsibility with the development of living standards. Besides, the sales volume would increase due to this idea provided that more and more people have consciousness of CSR and would considerably support this idea.
    Target Market
    The Woolworths is located in the residential area, which is correspondent with the main idea of advertisement. In these areas, our supermarket would attract more groups of customers who would be interested with our purpose of advertisement and get relaxed in the supermarket. Besides, the purchasing power is relatively strong in the residential area, where would be the customers resources to the supermarket.
    Market and brand performance
    With the new idea of CSR, Woolworths would continue to increase its market share further. It will perform well provided that encouraging kindness is required in the society, and then, this idea will attract more suppliers and investors which would like to contribute to charity
    Coles, a supermarket in Australia,is regarded as a competitor to Woolworths, it has longer operating hours than that of Woolworths, most shops are not closed until mid night. Besides, Coles always follows the sales trends of Woolworths, in other word, it sells the products that are similar with Woolworths’ and provide some promotions before our shop.
    Media/Means of Distribution
    Nowadays, the news and information are speedily broadcasted around the world. It is necessary to choose the proper media to spread the advertisement and attract more potential customers (Sandage, &Fryburger, 2011). It is obvious the advertising on TV is an effective method to make more people get access to the new idea of Woolworths. Besides, through on-line advertisement, more potential customers would be followed and the advertisement would be pop-up information when they surf the internet.
    Previous Ads
    Customers always go shopping and purchase some necessities in the supermarket, it is necessary to give them the sense of belongings and make them feel that it is just like the atmosphere at home, which is more comfortably and suitably for them to enjoy during the process, as a result, in the advertising, there is a family to go shopping on the weekend, it is a sunny day and they smile and talk with each other about some interesting things, what they feel is so excited and enjoyed with their family members. After entering the supermarket, their children run to the play area and play with other kids, parents could select and choose the goods with more freedom. The goods like vegetables and fruits are fresh and labeled with the price tag. A large number of necessities are arranged in perfect order, which is tidy.
    Brand character
    This advertising created is to achieve the potential goal that more and more customers could be attracted to purchase products and enjoy the services in the supermarket. In the Woolworths, they could feel relaxed and lounged in the market free from the pressures from works and life. Woolworths claimed that it is the fresh food people (Woolworths, 2012). Through this advertising, the products or goods could be shown the more potential customers and its brand awareness is widely advertised in the public and this feature would be followed by people who would like to enjoy the fresh foods
    Brand image
    The brand image desired is to make customers feel the sense of belongings and get relaxed to enjoy shopping, besides, our aim is to attract customers with the guarantee of fresh food. It is not sophisticated to achieve this image provided that more people suffer from the pressure from work and life. They are longing for this type of easy life and go shopping with their family members and friends free from any pressure (Lonergan et al, 2012). Besides, everyone would like to be healthy. As a result, the idea of providing fresh food is widely followed by the public and attracts more customers to go there.



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