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Criteria for the documenting代寫

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  • Criteria for the Portfolio

    Background: In Essays 1, 2, and 3, you examined, respectively, the writings of one, two, and three authors. In your Portfolio Essay, you will focus on evaluating selected writings of one author with whom you are very well acquainted: you.
    Purpose:  A portfolio is an organized collection of artifacts representing your work in the class, framed by an introductory essay that assesses your progress toward the course goals and toward the goals you established for yourself at the beginning of the semester. The process of creating the portfolio is itself a learning experience. In documenting and reflecting upon your accomplishments and development as a reader and writer, you will come to a better understanding of what you have learned in the course and thus increase the likelihood that you will be able to transfer what you have learned in the course to other contexts.  More generally, the portfolio is also an opportunity for you to take responsibility for your own learning and to make sense of your own education.
    Tasks: The specific contents and organization of the portfolio are up to you, but the following elements must be included:
    1. Table of Contents: Include a table of contents that begins with the title of your introductory essay and clearly identifies each artifact in the portfolio.  Titles or captions that reflect your argument or organizing principle are especially helpful.
    2. Portfolio Essay: Write a three-page essay in which you discuss your progress toward the course goals outlined on the syllabus and toward the personal goals you established for yourself at the beginning of the semester in your self-assessment. You should approach your introduction as an argument about your writing and your development as a reader and writer, supported by the evidence of the portfolio.
    3. Artifacts: Your portfolio should include the following artifacts:
    • The final versions of at least two of your major papers
    • At least one draft of the major papers that you have chosen
    • At least two selected additional artifacts (e.g. outlines, summaries, reading journals, quizzes, oral presentation, feedback from classmates or tutors or me)
    Please make sure these artifacts are labeled clearly (e.g. “Paper 1 Draft 2”).
    Although your Portfolio Essay is about you and your writing and should include your personal response and opinions, it should also include academic argument, like the papers you have already written for this class. The difference, of course, is that in your essay you will develop an argument about your own writing. Good portfolio essays, like good papers, introduce specific evidence and interpret it to advance precise and compelling claims.
    For our purposes, the term artifact simply means anything you might include in your portfolio. There are many sorts of artifacts you might include in addition to your papers: homework assignments, in-class writing, comments from me or from your peers, comments you wrote in response to the writing of others, tutorial feedback forms, e-mail exchanges, source materials, “before-and-after” samples demonstrating revision, etc. You should choose those that best support the argument you make in your essay.
    Submission and Formatting Instructions:
    E-mail your portfolio to me as an attachment in a single .doc, .docx, or .pdf file no larger than 10 megabytes. Name the file as follows: FirstNameLastNamePortfolio. For example: AbigailAdamsPortfolio.pdf.


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